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Caversham House Wedding

Katherine and Steve had their wedding at Caversham House in the Swan Valley (Caversham).  We had perfect weather all day and this set a great mood for the day.  The boys were getting ready at the Rose and Crown in Guildford, which is a beautiful historic pub and it set the scene for some great groom photos.

Katherine got ready at her parent’s house in the Perth’s hills,  and I took advantage of the bush theme outside with the girls.  Once we arrived at Caversham House the setting looked amazing and their wedding ceremony took place on the grand stair case.

Here is their wedding slideshow:

The river on their wedding day was flat as anything, we got some awesome reflections of the sky in it.  We had enough time to cover all the locations at Caversham House, and we also managed to shoot the sunset, which is at the front of the function center.  We were really lucky with the sun that day, it was awesome.

Big thank you goes out to Katherine and Steve.

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A new change is coming

A quick note to let everyone know that this is the last week before I update my pricing for photography packages and albums offered.

There is a change coming, which is a bit overdue for the wedding photography packages that I offer.  Yes, there is an increase coming, and in addition to this a few new albums will come in, and some will drop off.

More art, more fine art, more energy, more personality and passion with 100% devotion to each couple as usual. A new change comes around to better what I offer and how the business operates.

I’m looking forward to this next chapter of photography, business and personal growth.

I’m so blessed that I can do what I absolutely love to do for a living, photography – wedding photography. I have had an overwhelming past 3 years of exceptional growth, both personal and business. I’ve had an absolute privileged to cover weddings of some amazing and beautiful people, thank you to all my brides and grooms – not to mention bridal parties. Traveling to Vanuatu, Bali, Broome, Karlgoolie, down south, Rottnest and eastern states for weddings has been exceptional. I don’t know any other job that I could have done to share such an amazing, happy and positive day with a client – their wedding.  I don’t call what I do “work”, and all couples are my friends.

This year, I’ve also had the privilege to do some portrait photography, in the area of pregnancy, family and baby. Does it get any better than this?

Documenting someone’s life with still images creates a frozen moment in time that lasts past our lifetime.

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Wedded Perfection: Two Centuries of Wedding Gowns

The Cincinnati Art Museum has a considerable collection of wedding dresses assembled over more than 200 years. As you would expect, being published by an art museum, Wedded Perfection is more than a wedding dress book. Amneus effectively provides a fashion history illustrated by changes in wedding fashion.

This sumptuous book contains 200 pages dedicated to photographic images of gowns going back 200 years. As well, Amneus collects magazine illustration and other material from sources contemporary with the dresses to contextualise each gown. There is also a 50 page essay on the history and evolution of the wedding ceremony itself in Western society. An excellent book for anyone looking at wedding dresses, and for those interested in fashion generally. A beautifully produced book cataloguing a formidable fashion collection.

Book is written by Cynthia Amneus.

You can get this book from Crow Books.

wedded perfection amneus

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Lauren and Michael’s Wedding Slideshow

Lauren and Michael’s wedding in Perth. Here are some of their wedding photos in a slideshow format.

We had a fantastic day which started at The Melbourne Hotel in Perth City followed by their wedding ceremony at Subiaco Common gardens, which was conducted by Michael’s Auntie and added a very personal touch.  Photo shoot started out in Subiaco and then followed to King street in Perth City where we featured their wedding limo. The red Model T always looks great as a wedding car backdrop, you’ll agree that the contrast of the car, buildings and wedding dress goes well – I’ve done some Photoshop treatment on those images to bring out the important aspects of the photo.

When we got to their wedding reception location – Mount Lawley Golf Club, we had some time so we utilised it with an additional shoot on the golf course.

Wedding reception was fabulous, the staff are great and food exceptional.  Wedding cake, being a cup cake tier was a blast, it’s a modern way to get pieces of cake onto tables and they look great.

If you require a wedding photographer in Perth, please contact me.

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