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Professional Photography Seminars

Every photographer needs to get out there and go to seminars and participate in the community, meet other photographers, see other photographers who had succeeded¬† and see how they did it, and then go back and apply what they’ve learned or what they’ve decided to take in from the seminar and apply it.

This week we had the first Professional Photography Seminars, seminar in Melbourne. A great 2 day event, with 6 sensational speakers on the agenda:

  • Mercury Megaloudis
  • Yervant
  • Hilary Wardhaugh
  • Kira Likhterova
  • Dan O’Day
  • Samm Blake

All had different views on photography and the business of running a photography studio/showroom.

aipp photographer

This seminar was also an AIPP accredited one, so each photographer there who is a professional AIPP member would have got 25 points towards their annual requirement.  As AIPP members, we need to do a volume of professional development, this comes in the form of going to seminars and training sessions Рwhich I think is great and it simply lifts the industry as we all learn from each other.

professional photography seminars

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