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Camera gear on a wedding shoot

I get asked all the time what I use when I shoot a wedding.  Well I’ve got a lot of gear, but I also have my favorites to use. I guess if I had to, I could shoot a wedding with 1 camera and 1 lens, but why should I when there is so much available to make the job easier.

On every wedding shoot I’ll bring at least 3 full sized bodies (Canon 1D and 1Ds), at least 3 flashes, 5 lenses, heaps of memory cards (90Gbs +) and loads of batteries.  I’ve learned the hard way to always be prepared for any situation, so I am. I have never lost a photo that I took, yes never.

Why I chose Canon over Nikon? No great reason, except when I started we had a Canon film camera and it made sense, as I had some lenses, so it was a good way to start.  Since then I’ve superseded the original base lens and have moved into “L” series lenses.  You just can’t get the quality from a standard lens, you need to have top level professional equipment when shooting a wedding.  I don’t use film any more, why? there are no benefits in doing so, digital at 21Mega Pixel is far more than what anyone would want for a wedding.  Top level advertising and model photographers use what I use or lesser.

I do like Canon though, but I’ve only had minimal contact with a Nikon so can’t really comment. I’ve seen and worked on pictures taken with Nikon cameras and they are also fantastic. So it’s more a matter of which camera feels better, has the better menu that you can use and you can afford. But the most important thing is to have a professional camera with good lenses.

Here is a shot of me with a bride and groom on the job, I think I need a porter to run around behind me to carry my stuff. It gets heavy after a while, but of course I don’t carry this gear all the time on my shoulders, I have a wheelie bag that I tow with me – Lowpro Roller 200.

wedding photogrpaher perth

The gear you can see in this wedding photo is:

  • Canon 1 Ds mrk III with a 50mm f1.2 lens
  • Canon 1D mrk III with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens
  • Canon 1D mrk III with a 70-200mm f.2 IS lens

And here is the final image from this particular “structured candid moment”.

wedding photographer in perth

Also, I thought i should include the original photo, which didn’t have any work done to it in Photoshop. What I did to the above image is removed lose hand that was behind the groom, contrast and colour adjustments, some blur, added film grain and vignetting. I could have straightened or created more angle on the photo, but didn’t as I liked it the way it was shot. I generally shoot the way I like the photo to be rather than turn it in Photoshop later, I guess it’s the old school way, to get it right in the camera, rather than depend on software later.

wedding photogrpaher perth

For a wedding photographer in Perth, please contact me via the contact form.

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Wedding Planning – Wedding Photo Shoot Duration

I get asked this question all the time “How long do we need for our wedding photo shoot?”

There is no right or wrong answer to this, except depends on what you expect from your wedding album and your wedding photographer.  A comfortable amount of time with 2 locations would be 2 hours from the time you leave your wedding ceremony. This way there is no rushing around, but that depends on distance between each location wedding photo shoot.  Naturally distance travelled between the wedding ceremony, each location and wedding reception plays a big part in the duration required. The best way to determine the duration is to speak with your wedding photographer and get an idea of what is possible, we all have different ways of covering a wedding day, so this will have a bearing on duration. For instance I may want to get all the formal shots done just after the wedding ceremony and then concentrate on the “emotional wedding photos” all the fun stuff, all the art style wedding photos etc…

This is a sample wedding timing schedule, starting with the Groom and Bride preparation through to Reception Coverage.

Start    Finish   Duration

——    ——–  ——–
11:00    12:00    1:00    GROOM getting ready
12:00    12:15    0:15    Travel to Bride
12:15    14:20    2:05    BRIDE Getting Ready
14:20    14:30    0:10    WALK OUT OF HOUSE (car shots)
14:30    15:00    0:30    Travel to Ceremony
15:00    15:30    0:30    WEDDING Ceremony
15:30    15:45    0:15    Kiss & Congratulations
15:45    15:55    0:10    Group Shot
15:55    16:20    0:25    Family Shoot
16:20    16:35    0:15    Travel
16:35    17:45    1:10    LOCATION 1
17:45    18:00    0:15    Travel
18:00    18:45    0:45    LOCATION 2
18:45    19:00    0:15    Travel – to reception
19:00    19:10    0:10    Walk into Wedding Reception
19:10    21:30    2:20    Night Reception Coverage

In total there is 10.5 hours of wedding photography coverage.  It’s nice to get around 1 hour in the first photo shoot location, this way all the formal shots can be done pretty quickly and you can concentrate on the fun and candid photos (if desired).  As you can see this wedding schedule I’ve allowed time for travel as well as each location.

It’s important that you have photos of your wedding party, as well as shots of you and your partner in a natural manner (not rushed and pressured for time).  Your wedding choice and style will determine how much time you’d spend on the “fundamentals”, and this should be discussed with your wedding photographer. Once planned out, the task is then handed over to your photographer.

It’s imperative to your wedding day, that your photographer is well aware of your time schedule. He/she should be involved in planning your wedding timing schedule with you as he/she will have some ideas for you. Lets not forget that we do this all the time and we would have a good idea of what you are after once a wedding brief has been discussed.

Some couples come to us and state what time they have planned and booked their wedding ceremony and wedding reception and don’t factor in a location photo shoot and travel between each place.  This naturally is a bit disappointing for them as they had pictured other things. We can always make things happen, but only if time has been given.  A good wedding photographer will have enough experience to judge the distance between each location, failing that you can always use Google Maps or Where Is

One thing to note, is that your wedding photographer is the only person who will be involved with you start to finish (or nearly finish depending on wedding photo coverage), all other suppliers are only with you for a part of your wedding day. We are involved in your wedding day fully, and in most cases we are looked to for support and direction as we are the most experienced party at your wedding, not to mention that our photos will tell the story from your wedding day.

For wedding photography and planning please feel free to email me with your queries and I’d be more than happy to help out.

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