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Caversham House Wedding

I thought I’d share a wedding that was photographed in Perth, at Caversham House.  As a wedding photographer in Perth, I get the opportunity to visit many reception venues and see how amazing they are, Caversham House is one of them. This video from Edyta and Dion’s wedding is great. I put together a slide show of photos to music from their wedding day.

I was with the couple from the morning with the groom and groom’s men getting ready, then over to the bride with her bride’s maids followed by the ceremony at Caversham and naturally their wedding photos plus reception there too.

Caversham House is great from the aspect of the grand stair case as an entry for the bride as well as a great setting for the group shot and family formals.

In addition to the amazing gardens Caversham House has an exceptional inside decor too. So shooting wedding photos.

Here is a wedding slideshow from one of my Caversham House weddings.

You can also click on this following Caversham House slideshow on the YouTube website.

As you can see there was some rain, and there is some water on the ground, but that only came down after the wedding ceremony.  And the rain actually worked in our favour as it created a great mood and reflections on the ground. I love it when it rains at weddings as we can bring out the umbrellas and use them as props.  I’ve got 100% success rate at the moment with no rain at a ceremony, but we have been close as this one time it started to rain just as the ceremony finished.

Anyhow, Caversham House is one of my most favourite places for wedding photography as it has a wide variety of locations for photos and even if it does rain you can still get good coverage.

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Loren & Piotr’s Wedding at WISE Winery (Dunsborough)

Loren and Piotr had their wedding ceremony at beautiful WISE Winery which is located along Eagle Bay Road in Dunsborough.  The property overlooks the amazing landscape of Geographe Bay and sets a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony.

Loren prepared for their wedding day at WISE Winery, as they have accommodation on the property, so it was very convenient and close, and Piotr was at a property down the road in Eagle Bay.

A special touch to the day was a “Pandora” bracelet which was given to Piotr’s daughter during the ceremony. I love the little things that couples do to involve their children in their wedding day. It was very beautiful gift and his daughter loved it, especially that it was a surprise for her.

We did a quick photo shoot at the winery, and then shot of to Bunker Bay for some wedding photos.  With limited daylight, we covered 3 locations 2 at WISE (Vineyard and Winery Entrance) plus the beach.  I must admit, each time I shoot at Bunker Bay, I love it more, it’s an amazing setting, especially if the sunset is as it was on their wedding day, beautiful.

Gavin from Twilight Limousines drove the bridal party on the day in his Chrysler C300 stretch limo.  The car is awesome, but what made the day better is Gavin and his son’s work and attitude on the day, nothing was a problem.  They even brought out the food for us onto the beach, so we had our photo shoot and then he turns up with the food platters. That’s stretching the responsibilities of a limo driver (sorry I couldn’t help myself with the stretch pun).

Their wedding reception was great as well, loads of dancing and the food was just beautiful, the team at WISE Winery definitely exceeded in service and quality of food (as usual).

Loren and Piotr’s Wedding Photos can be viewed now:  Wedding at WISE Winery (Dunsborough)

I wanted to share a few images from their wedding day here as well:

Margaret River Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photo shoot at Bunker Bay Beach

Margaret River Wedding Photographer

A quick romantic moment at WISE Winery

Margaret River Wedding Photographer

Kiss at WISE Winery in their wedding archway, where their wedding ceremony was conducted.

Wedding Flowers: JVK Floral – 08 9756 7404

Wedding Cars: Twilight Limos – Gavin – 0417 755 758

Wedding Ceremony: WISE Winery – 9756 8627

Wedding Reception: WISE Winery – 9756 8627

Wedding Celebrant: Glenda Prideaux – 0407 336 604

For a wedding photographer in Perth, please fill out our wedding booking request form.

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Munja Gardens Wedding – Kerry and Ryan

Kerry and Ryan held their wedding ceremony at Munja Gardens which is situated in Karnup (just before Mandurah when you’re traveling from Perth.

Although we had a light shower once the wedding ceremony finished, literally, the wedding ceremony finished and it started to rain, (very lucky), the day and wedding photos were amazing. As a special ceremony, Kerry and Ryan had a butterfly release ceremony as well, where the butterflied behaved very well and we got some pretty cool photos of them.  I love it when the weather turns and creates an amazing setting. We had usage of an umbrella and I asked Kerry and Ryan to sit on the bench while it rained. They were more than happy to do it, and we put down a towel to ensure that Kerry’s wedding dress didn’t get dirty or wet.

Here is the Munja Gardens Wedding Photo while it was raining and the bridal couple sitting on the bench, naturally I’ve applied my artistic view on the scene:

Munja Gardens, Wedding Photographer Perth

The jungle/bush feel at Munja Gardens is fabulous to set some nice emotion on the day, in turn making your wedding album very special.

Munja Gardens, Wedding Photographer Perth

The bamboo is also a great feature at Munja Gardens.  Some couples have decided to engrave their names in the bamboo too.

Munja Gardens, Wedding Photographer Perth

Once the wedding ceremony concluded and the official family formals finished, we headed over to the beach for some more wedding photos.  Their wedding cars were supplied by OLD 55 Limos, you must admit the Chevy Limos look great in photos. We did a quick pit stop to take this shot.

old 55 limos, chevrolet limos perth

old 55 limos, chevrolet limos perth, wedding cars perth

Here are some more of their wedding photos:

Munja Gardens, Wedding Photographer PerthMunja Gardens, Wedding Photographer Perth

For their Munja Gardens Wedding Photos, you can click on the link

Wedding Photographer (Perth): Peter

Wedding Cars: Old 55 Limos – John 08 9453 6922

Wedding Celebrant: Brooke Tonev from Chic Celebrants – 0402 857 881

Wedding Ceremony: Munja Gardens

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Susan and Lance’s Wedding at Caversham House

Susan and Lance had an exceptional day at their wedding at Caversham House in the Swan Valley, weather was just perfect.

Susan and her brides maids were picked up by a champagne Stretch C300 from Lavish Limousines, and with a comfortable ride to Caversham House, the girls arrived on time and were ready to walk down the isle. Lance and the boys were waiting patiently and once Lance saw Susan, he got a bit emotional.  Their wedding ceremony was conducted perfectly by Glenda.

We stayed on the premises at Caversham House for the photo shoot, and with such an excellent location, why would you leave?

wedding photographer in Perth, Caversham House Wedding

wedding photographer in Perth, Caversham House Wedding

wedding photographer in Perth, Caversham House Wedding

wedding photographer in Perth, Caversham House Wedding

Wedding Ceremony: Caversham House - Caversham (Swan Valley)

Wedding Celebrant: Glenda Prideaux

Wedding Reception: Caversham House – Caversham (Swan Valley)

Wedding Limo: Lavish Limousines (C300 Stretch)

Wedding Photographer: Peter – Perth Wedding Photographer

For a wedding photographer in Perth, please fill out our wedding booking request form.

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