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Wedding Thank You Cards

It’s normal to send out a wedding thank you card to all of your guests who attended your wedding.  It’s also common to send out a standard template thank you card. What is a growing trend with me is people want a personalised touch to their Thank You Cards, and we integrate a photo or a few photos from their wedding day.

Here are 4 versions of the same card that I did for Edyta and Dion.

This is what I started with before I did any work in Photoshop.  All I’ve done is drawn a photo frame and placed their names at the bottom of the card.

Option 1: Full Colour

wedding thank you postcard

Option 2 – Black & White with Spot Colour

Here’s the first effect to the photo.  Conversion to a suitable black and white and spot colour on the flowers.  By converting the image to black and white and having the red roses we draw attention to the flowers.

wedding thank you postcard

Option 3: Aged Sepia conversion

With this photo, I converted it to an aged sepia finish.  There are various versions of Sepia and you just need to find the right one for each photo.

wedding thank you postcard

Option 4: Aged Sepia with Spot Colour on wedding flowers

Still keeping with the sepia look, but showing the wedding flowers.

wedding thank you postcard

With any photo, we can leave anything in colour or convert it to any other colour as a matter of fact. There are limitless options with photos.

Wedding Thank You Cards, generally come in 3 sizes, 100x150mm (standard post card size), 110×210 (DL Size) , or 150×150 (A square size).  We can print anything you like on the back as well, so the options again become limitless, but generally we’ll put the address lines so it’s easy to fill out.

For them we did 4 different card choices with 4 options, so 16 options all up.

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