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Wedding Rings

I thought I’d show how one set of of wedding rings can be photographed.  To set the scene, the groom was Irish, so you’ll understand where the little green leprechaun  comes from. I thought it was quiet cute to use this little guy, and then once I used him, the mum came out with the Irish stick which had a special name for it – I’ve forgotten what it was.

Using a mirror frame is shot a fair bit, but a good thing to do is to include the groom in the shot too.

I must admit I love shallow depth of field and it’s something that all the automatic cameras can’t do, and most people with basic digital SLRs would not know how to take the shot either.  So I guess there are two components here, a) being creative in the environment that you’ve been handed and b) knowing and having the equipment to execute the photo.

Photos of Irish wedding, rings on leprechaun

Leprechaun looking at Wedding Rings



Wedding rings on stick

Leprechaun in background with wedding rings


Mirror with wedding rings

Wedding rings on mirror and groom


Wedding rings on hand

Wedding rings and Groom

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Wedding Ring

I thought I’d show a cool picture of a wedding ring. I like the simplicity of this photo. This ring fits into another one, so the bride will be able to connect them once this one goes on the finger.

Naturally when shot this photo was in full colour and I worked it to create this effect and the picture frame.

wedding ring

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