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Wedded Perfection: Two Centuries of Wedding Gowns

The Cincinnati Art Museum has a considerable collection of wedding dresses assembled over more than 200 years. As you would expect, being published by an art museum, Wedded Perfection is more than a wedding dress book. Amneus effectively provides a fashion history illustrated by changes in wedding fashion.

This sumptuous book contains 200 pages dedicated to photographic images of gowns going back 200 years. As well, Amneus collects magazine illustration and other material from sources contemporary with the dresses to contextualise each gown. There is also a 50 page essay on the history and evolution of the wedding ceremony itself in Western society. An excellent book for anyone looking at wedding dresses, and for those interested in fashion generally. A beautifully produced book cataloguing a formidable fashion collection.

Book is written by Cynthia Amneus.

You can get this book from Crow Books.

wedded perfection amneus

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