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Wedding Night shoot with Renee & Chris at the Vines Resort

Jane and I had the the absolute privilege to photograph Renee and Chris. Their wedding reception was at The Vines Resort.

Renee had an amazing wedding dress on, that we had to photograph in many ways.  Well worth the spend, what ever it was worth…

We have to thank Renee and Chris as we were shooting after their wedding reception had finished, so we ended up working till around 1am, but well worth it.  Renee was  a model bride.

The Vines resort, wedding photographer

Standing at the bar at The Vines Resort.

vines resort wedding, wedding photographer

It’s amazing how a couch can look good, when it’s light up correctly and has a stunning bride on it.

The Vines resort, wedding photographer

Chris is getting his cigar light, by 4 of his brides.  Lucky.

vines resort wedding, wedding photographer

Kissing. Love at work.


Our model bride. Her gutter is blue and bridal shoes purple.

wedding photographer, the vines resort

Chris enjoying  a cigar. We included Renee in this photo in the background so we know it’s a wedding.
Chris’ tattoo says “Family”

This style of photography requires specialised equipment and 2 photographers. Not to mention a willing bride and groom.

For a wedding photographer in Perth, please contact us via our wedding photographer request web form.

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