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Amber and Mark’s wedding in Margaret River

Amber and Mark had their wedding in Margaret River Region, with their wedding ceremony on Dunsborough Beach followed by wedding reception at The Goose (Busselton).  The day was amazing, Amber looked stunning and the boys scrubbed up well too, especially turning up in thongs (planned). The thongs were a great idea as the wedding was on the beach, so very appropriate.

Their wedding ceremony was planned late in the afternoon, as it was a a hot day, so we had limited time for photos, plus the travel from Dunsborough to Busselton had to be considered too, but we did an awesome shoot a one of the local winery outlets.

The Goose is an awesome place for your wedding reception, the food is spot on excellent each time. I’ve shot there a few times now and each time they have excelled.  The staff at The Goose are also equally excellent.

Here’s a slide show from their wedding day.

You can also view their wedding photo gallery from this link: Amber and Mark Wedding in Margaret River Region

For a wedding photographer in Margaret River region, please contact me.

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Loren & Piotr’s Wedding at WISE Winery (Dunsborough)

Loren and Piotr had their wedding ceremony at beautiful WISE Winery which is located along Eagle Bay Road in Dunsborough.  The property overlooks the amazing landscape of Geographe Bay and sets a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony.

Loren prepared for their wedding day at WISE Winery, as they have accommodation on the property, so it was very convenient and close, and Piotr was at a property down the road in Eagle Bay.

A special touch to the day was a “Pandora” bracelet which was given to Piotr’s daughter during the ceremony. I love the little things that couples do to involve their children in their wedding day. It was very beautiful gift and his daughter loved it, especially that it was a surprise for her.

We did a quick photo shoot at the winery, and then shot of to Bunker Bay for some wedding photos.  With limited daylight, we covered 3 locations 2 at WISE (Vineyard and Winery Entrance) plus the beach.  I must admit, each time I shoot at Bunker Bay, I love it more, it’s an amazing setting, especially if the sunset is as it was on their wedding day, beautiful.

Gavin from Twilight Limousines drove the bridal party on the day in his Chrysler C300 stretch limo.  The car is awesome, but what made the day better is Gavin and his son’s work and attitude on the day, nothing was a problem.  They even brought out the food for us onto the beach, so we had our photo shoot and then he turns up with the food platters. That’s stretching the responsibilities of a limo driver (sorry I couldn’t help myself with the stretch pun).

Their wedding reception was great as well, loads of dancing and the food was just beautiful, the team at WISE Winery definitely exceeded in service and quality of food (as usual).

Loren and Piotr’s Wedding Photos can be viewed now:  Wedding at WISE Winery (Dunsborough)

I wanted to share a few images from their wedding day here as well:

Margaret River Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photo shoot at Bunker Bay Beach

Margaret River Wedding Photographer

A quick romantic moment at WISE Winery

Margaret River Wedding Photographer

Kiss at WISE Winery in their wedding archway, where their wedding ceremony was conducted.

Wedding Flowers: JVK Floral – 08 9756 7404

Wedding Cars: Twilight Limos – Gavin – 0417 755 758

Wedding Ceremony: WISE Winery – 9756 8627

Wedding Reception: WISE Winery – 9756 8627

Wedding Celebrant: Glenda Prideaux – 0407 336 604

For a wedding photographer in Perth, please fill out our wedding booking request form.

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Bunker Bay Wedding – Lecia & Pat

Lecia and Pat had their wedding in perfect weather at Bunker Bay on Shelly Cove.  We literally could not have asked for a better day, it was not hot, or cold, wind was minimal, sun was perfect, we all had a ball. A bridal party of 4 girls and 4 boys made it all a fun day, all the bridal party were (and still are) great mates, so this made their wedding day loads of fun.

Lecia got ready at Bunker Bay Resort, which is always a superb place to get ready as the backdrop and surrounds are great.  The limo (golf buggy) was great as the girls and dad got a quick ride. We did a quick photo shoot in the Bunker Bay Resort Restaurant and foyer.

Pat on the other hand got ready with the boys at a house in Dunsborough and we had a photo shoot at the beach nearby.

Lecia had 3 flower girls dressed in pink, needless to say the 3 girls were beautiful and complemented the bridal party extremely well. During the ceremony, the flower girls had a rug to sit on which was a nice thing to do, as normally young flower girls get a bit edgy and don’t want to stand for half an hour.

Their wedding ceremony was conducted by a local Dunsborough wedding celebrant Jennifer Etherington very professionally and without a hitch.

We did a photo shoot on Shelly Cove (Bunker Bay) as there are some awesome rocks and limestone wall to shoot against, not to mention the scenic bay. Following this, we went to do a shoot on Bunker Bay – the beach itself, the sun was low, light was awesome, little waves with no wind.  Pat did want to throw Lecia into the water, but didn’t in the end, which was nice of him. I guess this is the first sign that we may do a “Trash the Dress” session some time soon. Who knows, we’re down there over Xmas at the same time, so it may just happen.

The wedding reception was a massive party, Lecia and Pat really know their friends and family as I think there was a moment where the dance floor was not full. What was really cool on the night is we did a signing book with photos that I took on the night. I brought down a photo printer with me and took photos of their guests and then printed them, so it was like a mobile photobooth style of a result, but the benefit was that their wedding guest would stick the photo into their guest book and write around it.

Here are some of the wedding photos from their wedding day at Bunker Bay.

wedding at bunker bay resort

wedding dress spin at bunker bay resort

bunker bay wedding, bride leaving

shelly cove, wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony at bunker bay, brides maids

kissing at Shelly Cover, Buinker Bay

Wedding Suppliers in Margaret River Region

Wedding Flowers: Kylie Clifford – The Secret Life of Flowers – 0409 507 749
Bridal Make-up: Deanna Tait – 0417 987 704
Bridal Hair:
Laura Hand, based in Busselton (0415 510 528)
Wedding Celebrant: Jennifer Etherington –
Wedding Photographer in Margaret River: Peter Dancewicz
Wedding Ceremony: Shelly Cove – Bunker Bay
Wedding Reception: Bunker’s Beach Cafe

For a wedding photographer in Margaret River region, please fill out my wedding inquiry form.

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Busselton Wedding of Danica & Scott

Danica and Scott were married at Wyndham Resort Busselton and followed by their wedding reception at The Goose (also in Busselton).

I’ve compiled a quick wedding slide show from their wedding day:

Soulful music by Bruno Favery, check out his website

We were faced with some rain on their wedding day, but that just created an awesome setting for some of the winery wedding photos on the day. Lucky I always carry an umbrella.

To view a larger wedding gallery of their wedding photos:

Wedding Gallery, busselton wedding photographer

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