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Henna painting at Farzaana’s Henna Party

I couldn’t have been more lucky. I had the absolute privilege to also cover the Henna Painting ritual for Farzaana’s party the week of her wedding. That’s 2 in 1 week

Farzaana married Simon the Sunday following this Henna Party, so the Henna stayed on perfectly. It takes 2 to 3 days to settle and look its best.  On the night about 1 hour or so the Henna paint starts to peel off (it’s like solid chocolate texture, and smells of eucalyptus).  Once the hardened Henna paint comes off it leaves the pattern on the skin, which then takes about 1 to 2 days to settle in and look its best.

Their wedding day was just amazing, which also included a horse and carriage. They had a full white dress wedding with a ceremony in a park.  Wedding photos coming soon.

In the mean time hear are some Henna Party photos:

henna partym, perth, wedding photographer

henna partym, perth, wedding photographer

henna partym, perth, wedding photographerhenna partym, perth, wedding photographer

If you are having a Henna Painting Party and require a photographer in Perth, please fill out my Wedding Photography Inquiry Form.

The lady that did the Henna Painting is Anahita, and she can be contacted on

To view a larger selection of photos from the Henna Party, please click on the button below

Henna Party Photo Gallery

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Vanuatu (Iririki Resort) – Wedding Day, Getting Ready

Last month I had the privilege to go to Vanuatu to cover a wedding for Roza and Andreas.

We had 5 amazing days on the island with 3 days of shooting. 2 days were filled with Vanuatu Trash The Dress and one day with their wedding ceremony which also included a sunset cruise afterwards.

I captured a lot of photos during their Trash The Dress session and have compiled a few YouTube Videos which will be release shortly.

The first video that I have ready is the “Bridal Party Getting Ready“.

You can view this Vanuatu Wedding at Iririki Resort on my You Tube Chanel.

Next I’ll showcase their Wedding Ceremony at Vanuatu’s Iririki Resort which also includes a night photo shoot and a sunset boat trip.

For a destination wedding photographer, please fill out our wedding inquiry form.

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