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Bridesmaid’s – Different Effect Wedding Photos

I thought I’d share 4 of the same wedding photo but with a different effect applied on it in Photoshop.  Naturally for the wedding album, something different may be applied, but in general our bride will get a choice and we’ll include which ever photo she likes.

This was wedding I shot in Moore River on a private property, which was an amazing day, the weather was fantastic, we shot inside a very old cottage, by the river on a paddock with a bull (yep, a bull).  We had loads of fun with a bridal party of 10.  Both April and Dan are amazing people and perfectly matched.

Here is a wedding photo of the brides maids – as shot with only minor adjustments:

bridesmaids, full colour wedding photo

Full Colour Wedding Photo

Bridesmaids, black and white wedding photo

Bridesmaids - Black and White Wedding Photo

Bridesmaids, colour adjustmetns and contast

Bridesmaids Photo - Colour Adjustmetns and Contast

Bridesmaids, sepia wedding photos

Bridesmaids with a Sepia Wedding Photo Effect

All of these wedding photos were shot in sequence one after another, so they are all a little different, giving our bride a choice of poses.

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Wedding at Burswood – Before and After Wedding Photo

Here is another example of pure bliss, luck and love.  I met Rita and Chris only by pure chance and coinsurance (luck), and once we met we hit it off (bliss) and there was no looking back, Rita and Chris are madly in Love, hence getting married.

Rita and Chris’ wedding was awesome, the whole wedding party was into the wedding day, the boys have been best mates with the groom since forever, and so have the girls. Rita looked beatiful on her wedding day and was supported by 4 stunning brides maids. I’ll discuss the wedding day in more detail in another post, but wanted to share one of their “before and after” photos.

As I’m working through their wedding photos I thought I’d share the work flow for one of the images which was taken at Burswood Casino. The limo had just drove off and I asked Rita and Chris to have a quick kiss near the pillar while the bridal party headed off to the room to star to freshen up.

Wedding photo from Burswood ” As shot (RAW) nothing has been done to this image:

burswood casino wedding before

The final wedding photo that will be a feature photo in their wedding album
burswood wedding before

So what does it take to get to this image?

  • Remove branding from bar balustrades
  • Remove taxi branding/numbers of back of car
  • Remove parking signage on pillar
  • Remove other bride and brides’ maids from back ground
  • Remove speed bump from road
  • Clean up road
  • Remove limo driver in back ground
  • Remove green lady in background
  • Remove rubbish on ground
  • Remove spot lights in roof
  • Remove bright number plate on 4WD
  • Remove garbage bin from back ground
  • Remove people on left side
  • Convert to B&W
  • Add noise/grain
  • Darken back ground
  • Add Vignette
  • Add photo frame

So all up around 1.5 hours of work just on one wedding photo.  When you’re looking at your wedding album design and photos, it’s worth considering how long it will take to design your wedding album and how much effort goes into photo effect and retouching.  When it comes to wedding album design we have a few levels of design, depending on that the client is after and budget.  Some of our couples like and want more simple album design and very little work done to the photos, on the other hand some of our couples like the artistic work that we do on their wedding images and wedding album designs.  The choice is naturally always yours.

If you require a wedding photographer, please feel free to fill out our wedding photography request form.

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    [...] Black and White wedding photo conversion [...]

    February 8th, 2010

Camera gear on a wedding shoot

I get asked all the time what I use when I shoot a wedding.  Well I’ve got a lot of gear, but I also have my favorites to use. I guess if I had to, I could shoot a wedding with 1 camera and 1 lens, but why should I when there is so much available to make the job easier.

On every wedding shoot I’ll bring at least 3 full sized bodies (Canon 1D and 1Ds), at least 3 flashes, 5 lenses, heaps of memory cards (90Gbs +) and loads of batteries.  I’ve learned the hard way to always be prepared for any situation, so I am. I have never lost a photo that I took, yes never.

Why I chose Canon over Nikon? No great reason, except when I started we had a Canon film camera and it made sense, as I had some lenses, so it was a good way to start.  Since then I’ve superseded the original base lens and have moved into “L” series lenses.  You just can’t get the quality from a standard lens, you need to have top level professional equipment when shooting a wedding.  I don’t use film any more, why? there are no benefits in doing so, digital at 21Mega Pixel is far more than what anyone would want for a wedding.  Top level advertising and model photographers use what I use or lesser.

I do like Canon though, but I’ve only had minimal contact with a Nikon so can’t really comment. I’ve seen and worked on pictures taken with Nikon cameras and they are also fantastic. So it’s more a matter of which camera feels better, has the better menu that you can use and you can afford. But the most important thing is to have a professional camera with good lenses.

Here is a shot of me with a bride and groom on the job, I think I need a porter to run around behind me to carry my stuff. It gets heavy after a while, but of course I don’t carry this gear all the time on my shoulders, I have a wheelie bag that I tow with me – Lowpro Roller 200.

wedding photogrpaher perth

The gear you can see in this wedding photo is:

  • Canon 1 Ds mrk III with a 50mm f1.2 lens
  • Canon 1D mrk III with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens
  • Canon 1D mrk III with a 70-200mm f.2 IS lens

And here is the final image from this particular “structured candid moment”.

wedding photographer in perth

Also, I thought i should include the original photo, which didn’t have any work done to it in Photoshop. What I did to the above image is removed lose hand that was behind the groom, contrast and colour adjustments, some blur, added film grain and vignetting. I could have straightened or created more angle on the photo, but didn’t as I liked it the way it was shot. I generally shoot the way I like the photo to be rather than turn it in Photoshop later, I guess it’s the old school way, to get it right in the camera, rather than depend on software later.

wedding photogrpaher perth

For a wedding photographer in Perth, please contact me via the contact form.

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Bride and Groom – Before and After

Here we have Jaimee and Diogo, in a romantic kiss moment on a bench.  Their wedding was a The Civic Centre in Cottesloe, after which we did a photo shoot in the lower park.

As you can see in the original wedding photo there is some bird damage on the bench, the colours are OK, the moment is great, but we can do some work to this image to really get more out of it.

Wedding photographer in Perth - Cottesloe Civic Centre

and the wedding photo after

]Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding Photographer

As you can see we’ve added the sloppy border photo frame, turned the photo into a black and white wedding photo, cropped the image, and of course removed the bird damage. Only small changes, yet a big difference to the photo.

Wedding Ceremony: Cottesloe Civic Centre

Wedding Reception: Fremantle Yacht Club

Marriage Celebrant: Brad Whitelock

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