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WA AIPP Awards 2009

Recently I submitted in some photos into the West Australian AIPP awards, which are run a  bit different to the national AIPP awards.

The selection process is some what different, as we submit 3 images in a category and the judges choose 1, which they feel is the strongest, and then that goes into judging on another day.

Naturally I only shoot weddings, so all my images had and will have a wedding focus.

This photo got a great score of 79 out of 100, in WA AIPP portrait category.  This is  a photo of Angela took at her wedding. It has had a fair amount of work done to it in Photoshop. this photo was taken during the day and her husband Stephen is actually standing next to her (at least he was before the work was done to the image).

Wedding photographer in perth, portrait

The second image that was in the judging was an image I took of Jodie in Subiaco.  She is wearing her 2nd wedding dress on the day, which was her party dress and came out when Jodie was about to do her bridal waltz.  This wedding photo got 83/100 at the WA AIPP 2009 awards.

Wedding photographer in perth, wedding

Jodie was committed to the task and jumped around 30 times for me.  I’ll talk about the whole shoot in another post and will go over lighting and what work was done to the photo.

All in all, it was excellent experience and I look forward to next year’s WA AIPP awards.

AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photographers

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AIPP APPA 2009 – SILVER award for Wedding Album

I entered the AIPP APPA awards this year for the first time. I’ve resisted entering my photos into any awards up until now and  being presented with a SILVER award for the AIPP APPA Wedding Album 2009, has been a great result.

I need to thank Melissa and Suren for letting me photograph their wedding and for them in trusting me with my artistic expression and their beautiful wedding. On top of that the coverage comes the album creation, where Natalie has put in exception effort in assisting with this excellent result.

The Wedding Album can be viewed by watching it here, or in HD on YouTube buy clicking the link below:

AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photographers

APPA – Australian Professional Photography Awards

Melissa and Suren’s Wedding Photo Gallery can be viewed from these links

aipp_wedding_album_silver_award_2009-lg AIPP Wedding Album 2009 Silver Award Wedding Gallery for Melissa & Suren, AIPP 2009 Silver Award for Wedding Album
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