Wedding Photographer in Perth


This a my blog about wedding photography, wedding album design and the wedding industry.

I cover weddings  all over Australia and on the odd occasion international.

A typical wedding day can have many suppliers involved in it, but there is only 1 supplier who is there with the bride from the morning through to the evening and experiences and captures all of it. I believe in providing full coverage of your wedding, start to finish, not a block of time.

Documenting someone’s life with still images creates a frozen moment in time that lasts past our lifetime.

A dedicated and passionate approach to your wedding day will result in amazing images that will be treasured well after the wedding has passed.

Piotr (Peter) Dancewicz – Wedding Photographer

wedding photogrpaher perth

In the above picture, there are 4 critical things that need to have at a wedding.¬† I’ll let you find what they are.

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