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Amber and Mark’s wedding in Margaret River

Amber and Mark had their wedding in Margaret River Region, with their wedding ceremony on Dunsborough Beach followed by wedding reception at The Goose (Busselton).  The day was amazing, Amber looked stunning and the boys scrubbed up well too, especially turning up in thongs (planned). The thongs were a great idea as the wedding was on the beach, so very appropriate.

Their wedding ceremony was planned late in the afternoon, as it was a a hot day, so we had limited time for photos, plus the travel from Dunsborough to Busselton had to be considered too, but we did an awesome shoot a one of the local winery outlets.

The Goose is an awesome place for your wedding reception, the food is spot on excellent each time. I’ve shot there a few times now and each time they have excelled.  The staff at The Goose are also equally excellent.

Here’s a slide show from their wedding day.

You can also view their wedding photo gallery from this link: Amber and Mark Wedding in Margaret River Region

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