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Wedding at Burswood – Before and After Wedding Photo

Here is another example of pure bliss, luck and love.  I met Rita and Chris only by pure chance and coinsurance (luck), and once we met we hit it off (bliss) and there was no looking back, Rita and Chris are madly in Love, hence getting married.

Rita and Chris’ wedding was awesome, the whole wedding party was into the wedding day, the boys have been best mates with the groom since forever, and so have the girls. Rita looked beatiful on her wedding day and was supported by 4 stunning brides maids. I’ll discuss the wedding day in more detail in another post, but wanted to share one of their “before and after” photos.

As I’m working through their wedding photos I thought I’d share the work flow for one of the images which was taken at Burswood Casino. The limo had just drove off and I asked Rita and Chris to have a quick kiss near the pillar while the bridal party headed off to the room to star to freshen up.

Wedding photo from Burswood ” As shot (RAW) nothing has been done to this image:

burswood casino wedding before

The final wedding photo that will be a feature photo in their wedding album
burswood wedding before

So what does it take to get to this image?

  • Remove branding from bar balustrades
  • Remove taxi branding/numbers of back of car
  • Remove parking signage on pillar
  • Remove other bride and brides’ maids from back ground
  • Remove speed bump from road
  • Clean up road
  • Remove limo driver in back ground
  • Remove green lady in background
  • Remove rubbish on ground
  • Remove spot lights in roof
  • Remove bright number plate on 4WD
  • Remove garbage bin from back ground
  • Remove people on left side
  • Convert to B&W
  • Add noise/grain
  • Darken back ground
  • Add Vignette
  • Add photo frame

So all up around 1.5 hours of work just on one wedding photo.  When you’re looking at your wedding album design and photos, it’s worth considering how long it will take to design your wedding album and how much effort goes into photo effect and retouching.  When it comes to wedding album design we have a few levels of design, depending on that the client is after and budget.  Some of our couples like and want more simple album design and very little work done to the photos, on the other hand some of our couples like the artistic work that we do on their wedding images and wedding album designs.  The choice is naturally always yours.

If you require a wedding photographer, please feel free to fill out our wedding photography request form.

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