Wedding Photographer in Perth


Bride and Groom – Before and After

Here we have Jaimee and Diogo, in a romantic kiss moment on a bench.  Their wedding was a The Civic Centre in Cottesloe, after which we did a photo shoot in the lower park.

As you can see in the original wedding photo there is some bird damage on the bench, the colours are OK, the moment is great, but we can do some work to this image to really get more out of it.

Wedding photographer in Perth - Cottesloe Civic Centre

and the wedding photo after

]Cottesloe Civic Centre Wedding Photographer

As you can see we’ve added the sloppy border photo frame, turned the photo into a black and white wedding photo, cropped the image, and of course removed the bird damage. Only small changes, yet a big difference to the photo.

Wedding Ceremony: Cottesloe Civic Centre

Wedding Reception: Fremantle Yacht Club

Marriage Celebrant: Brad Whitelock

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